Thursday, August 28, 2008

It is hard to believe Jamison is a year old already. The time has gone so quickly. He is walking, talking, loves animals, flowers, anything with wheels he can't get enough of. He has reciently began to require a hat all the time, he does seem to like sunglasses too, he loves shoes, and is still really into books just like his daddy. He is a very sweet boy, gives lots of lovies all the time.
Terry is working at Western Governers University and is happy there. He is a ward missionary and reciently started working on his masters.
I, Julie, am at home with Jamison and trying to keep up with him and all the other demands of family life.
So that gets us caught up in a nut shell. Hopoefully I can stay on top of things from here on out :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Man am I really a YEAR behind?!?!?

Ok, lets start with Zach. As you can see he has changed so much!! Terry was able to go see him over Memorial Day Weekend. It has been very hard on us all but especially Terry not being with Zach all the time. So it was good that they had that time together. They stayed in Louiville, Ky and did a bunch of fun stuff there.

Anyway, he has really shot up and has the offical "teenager"look. What a cutie!! He is about to turn 14 on the 29th of September and is now at the high school. WOW time flies by fast.