Sunday, June 23, 2013

Color Me RAD!!!

 Yesterday we did the Color Me RAD 5k in Salt Lake City. What a blast. We has so much fun running with some friends and getting covered in color. Jamison was an animal. He ran for 2 straight miles before he got a stomach cramp and had to take a little rest. Later that night while we were "camping" in the back yard he confessed his legs were hurting but he didn't want to stop but then when his stomach started to hurt he had to take a break. What a trooper, we are so proud of him.
 I'm just going to say that this shirt is super annoying. It totally looks like a maternity shirt. And I AM NOT pregnant. Oh well, whatevaaaaaaa.
 Jennie and Brookie

 Leslie and Karmel
Our Zumba instructors
 Ben and Noah Mayfield. Jamison loves Noah, he is a pretty cool kid!!


 These kids are so amazing. They really hung in there and were champs!!

 These guys are so BOSSSSSSSSSS :)


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tanzania, Africa

Zach seems to be LOVING his trip so far to Tanzania, Africa. He arrived safely and sent us a ton of pictures already. I love seeing that huge smile on his face.

Here he is playing soccer at the orphanage.