Thursday, November 13, 2008

I am so over this FLU!!!!!!!!

He can finally eat again !!!
Saturday at 3:00 a.m.- Jamison woke up with the flu. Throw up EVERYWHERE!!!.
Sunday -Terry's parents arrive from Idaho.
Sunday night around 1:00 a.m. -I wake up with the flu. Throwing up like it's going out of style!!
*** Jamison still barfing his brains out, very lethargic, I am rendered useless, Terry's parents leave. The washer is constantly running as you can imagine with Jamisons FAVORITE blanket in it about every other load.
Monday-Very worried about Jamison, Terry takes him to the doctor and he says it is a viral flu, he is seeing 4 cases a day, gives us his pager # in case Jamison gets worse so we can put him on drip. Poor Terry running the show but starting to show signs of fatigue.
Monday evening- Terry officially has the flu. But refuses to throw up, it is not a pretty sight.
Tuesday-Jamison STILL throwing up. Terry and I are keeping liquids down but are suffering the effects of the flu working it's way down through our systems, if you catch my drift. TOTAL misery!!
Wednesday- I am feeling much better, Terry is still not so hot but has to go to work. SUCKY!! I thought Jamison was over the vomiting, WRONG!! But doing better. Washing maching has been a real trooper and is not having to work quite so hard now.
Thursday- Jamison seems to be over the vomiting, and is now also feeling the horrific effects of the flu working it's way through the his system. I am done I think, just some lingering nausea. Terry is getting there too. I am just so happy to see that Jamison feeling better. It is so scary when your little ones are SO sick and so out of it.
Hopefully a few more days and we will all be 100 % again.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I've been tagged!!!

So my sister tagged me. You have to post the 4th picture in the 4th album on your computer.

Here is mine. I have to admit it is actually the 6th pic in the 4th album. There were 2 that weren't really anything. Any way this was Jan or Feb this year when my family was in California at the Los Angeles Zoo. These are most of my brothers and sisters. Only a few missing. And then that is a really not so good picture of my dad at the top, sorry dad. We are going out there again in a week and I can't wait!! It is so fun being with them but we especially love having all our kids together. It is just a major bummer that the Johnson's won't be there, but at least we all get to go to their place for Thanks giving.

OK. so now I tag, Mary Kate, Amy , and Wendy :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's Raining, It's Snowing

Yesterday the rain turned to snow. I love the snow, it is so beautiful. While I do miss LA incredibly!!!!!, I do love Bountiful and I do love the snow!! Jamison seems to be figuring out this snow stuff. Today he brought his snow boots up to me to put on him cause he wanted to get out in it. However the rest of the snow gear, not liking it so much, a pretty good battle ensued bundling him up to go to the Gateway today. Oh well all par for the course I guess. :)

We voted!!!

I am happy to say we voted today!!! I sure do love this country and know how blessed I am to be apart of it. Terry laughed at me because I almost cried when I was done voting :)
So now this morning we have our new President Elect- Obama. I guess we'll see how it goes. Should be interesting.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween, Idaho Style

On Saturday we headed to Anna and Judd's for a family Halloween party. It was so fun! The kids ran around in their costumes playing. We ate and ate and ate all kinds of spooky themed foods. Anna had some fun activities for the kids and then at the end of the night they all made monster size caramel apples. Jamison loves being able to hangout will all his cousins. He especially loved the play kitchen and he and Jaylee had fun in there for quite a while. He also LOVES animals so he put in some quality time with Judd's dogs too. Another great holiday in Idaho :)

Another very fun Halloween has come and gone. This year was great especially with Jamison able to get into the holiday with us. This year we went with a spider theme. Jamison was the spider, I was the web, and Terry was the fly caught in the web, except for at work where he was a Three hole punched paper. Fun stuff.(thanks to our favorite show "The office")
We start here with Jamison and Terry working on their pumpkin. I thought he would have so much fun playing with the pumpkin "guts" but he just gently used his scooper to scrape out some of the insides and eat it. He did that a few times then was done. Next you see us at Terry's work . WGU has the families come in to do what I call "Cubical Trick or Treating" It is a lot of fun. Jamison really caught on quick and was running into the offices and cubicles loading up as fast as he could. I loved watching him try to maneuver in his bulky costume while vigilantly dragging his pumpkin full of candy. So after Terry's work we headed to a rest home in our neighborhood. They were out of candy by the time we got there, which we didn't mind, so we just asked if we could go around the facility and visit. That was so much fun. We will definitely do that again next year. By the time we got home I tried to take Jamison around to a couple of houses but he was beginning to burn out. No nap and to much candy will do that to a little guy. So he hung out at home while we handed out goodies to trick or treaters and hit the sack early so we could get up at the crack of dawn the next morning to continue the holiday festivities with the family up in Idaho.