Sunday, August 15, 2010

Willard Bay round 2

Church Book Store

Recently Terry and I took Jamison with us to Seagull Bookstore. There is a revolving rack of postcard and wallet size prints of Jesus in the back that Jamison likes to hang out at while we shop around. This day while we were looking at some books Jamison suddenly began yelling for us, "Guys come here, guys come here!!!!" We went over to see what all the shouting was for and he said, " Look it's Heavenly Father Jesus, It's Heavenly Father Jesus, He holds me sometimes" Whaaatttt?!?!?!

This was a new picture, one we hadn't seen before and it has a slightly different depiction of what Jesus would look like but it struck a cord with Jamison for sure.

Jamison continued on in his usual, can't get the words out quite as fast as he is thinking them mode, " Oh yes it is Heavenly Father Jesus, he knows my name, Jamison, he knows me!!" He kept repeating this with a huge smile on his face.

Well Terry and I just stared at each other speechless. Finally I asked him if he would like me to buy the picture for him that by this time he was clutching with both hands and he replied as he placed it back with a sort of giggle., " No mom, I will know him when he comes, he is coming." And with that he put it away and calm as a cucumber walked off.

Yep I was in tears. It doesn't help that for several days the week before as soon as I went to get him up in the morning in his sleepy little boy voice the first thing he said to me was, " Jesus is coming, he is coming to work."

Now what does it all mean, I can't say for sure. Does it freak me out a little, sure. Does it make me want to really make sure I have my act together, Oh Yeah!! But mostly it makes my heart swell and brings tears to my eyes as it testifies of the love our Savior has for all of us and how lucky our little ones are to still have that connection with him and our Heavenly Father. I know they especially love our little children, we can surely understand that as parents. I am so grateful he still gets to have this special time with them in what ever capacity it is as I know soon enough he will get older and get caught up in life and not have the connection come as easily as it does now.


Jamison loves to draw and color. Here we see some of his lovely Carport Sketches.
Above, we were having a little summer storm that left us with a double rainbow that inspired Jamison to get out his chalk and sketch it ASAP!!
Below is a drawing he made one afternoon of a helicopter.
I Love it!!!

Willard Bay, Ut

Driving to the "Beach" Jamison was so excited. He kept asking if he was going to get to make a sand castle.Where did her learn about sand castles?

True to form it took him about and hour and a half to acclimate to his surroundings and move from this spot and into the water. Once in the water though he didn't want to get out. When it was time to leave he kept saying, "15 more minutes".
Jenna enjoying the water

Oh look at that, Buz make the trip too.

Pudding is so much better at the lake :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tucanos For Dinner

We all went out for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Tucans. Oh my this was one of the highlights of the Johnson's vacation in Utah and it was so awesome to have the Slabberts join us for the fun. It took me back to the days in Los Angeles when we all lived there and it was normal for all seven siblings, spouses, children, and usually a few extra stragglers to go out to dinner or breakfast. We have tore up many a restaurant in our time. Oh those were the days, yes thoses were the days!!!!

Ethan was having an especially good time.

I have to tell you that this is the BEST pineapple ever!!

Abdrew grubbin on some Chicken Hearts, yummy

Elsie, she is the cuttest thing you ever saw.
Elizabeth and Eric

Elsie and Jamison having some quality play time. Isn't that what all children do in a resturant? It is if your eating out with this group and we love it :)

Afterward we hung out at the gateway for a little while. Ethan had been holding on to some quarters for quite some time and found the perfect place to spend them at.

Terry getting attacked by the munchkins.

Sweet Factory Tour with The Johnson Family

Another trip to the Sweet factory in Salt lake. We were joined by Cousins Brook and Elsie and the Williams. It was so much fun and we had way to much candy, proven by the unbelievable throw up episode at the park afterward by Jamison. Thanks a bunch to Uncle Andrew for helping out with that :)