Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jesus Did It Mom!!

As I was sitting on the computer trying to hunt down some information Jamison came running into the kitchen screaming, "Mommy Jesus did it, Jesus did it!!!!", OK I thought what is going on here so I asked, " what did Jesus do?" He tried to explain what happened but I could tell his excitement and thoughts were moving faster than he could get it out, " my ear is hurting, I said Jesus make it better and HE DID!!, I kneel down at the couch and he made it better!!!!" So I was able to put the picture together. Every night we knee down at the the couch and say family prayers before he goes to bed. Well the other day at the post office he had a bad accident and hurt his ear and it seems to be getting better but gives him a bother every now and then. So this morning it must have been bothering him because he knelt down at the couch and asked Jesus to make it better and apparently the pure and ever faithful prayer of a 3 year old was answered.
I love that at such a young age he is learning to turn to Heavenly Father and Jesus for help. What a sweet moment.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jamison's Birthday, #3

Jamison's 3rd birthday.

I was so excited to celebrate Jamisons birthday this year, as I am every year. It is just so crazy how fast time flys. Anyhow I was really excited to make him his special cake. He is always watching me make fun cakes and asking if it is "Jamison's cake?" And I always have to tell him no it is for some one else and being the sweet boy he is he just sort of laughs and says " Oh OK mom" Ahhh. So I was thrilled to have him help me make his cake a little. I pulled out all my color gels and asked him to pick the color he most wanted for his cake. After much though he chose red and brown. So we had red cake with chocolate fudge filling. the next morning when he woke up I showed him his cake and his eyes said it all. He was so happy to have his own cake and first thing he asked is if he could push the cars on it.

Well after waking up and coming out to see his birthday decorations all up he kept standing in front of his presents and just staring at them. I knew he wanted to open them so badly but he didn't say a word. I told him that he could open one that morning and he could open the rest when daddy got home and his cousins came over.
For some reason he wanted me to take a picture with his eyes closed.
Silly guy

The tongue thing is all Auntie Jenna's doing. Anyone in our family will know what I'm talking about :)
After a full day of every five minutes being asked, "Is daddy home yet?", "My cousins are here now?" daddy got home and we let him open a few more presents and saved the rest for later.

Cousin Brooke and Elsie arrived and Jamison got a fun book that he has already read oh, like 100 times!!

Aunt Rhonda, Uncle Verle, and the rest of the Skidmore clan also came over for some cake and presents.

After a piece of cake and chocolate all over his face he got to open some fun presents. A big thank you to all our founder family for their generosity.
Trader Joe gummy penguins from grandma
Grandma= Buz Lightyear water gun
Kathy sent him a Leapster, caring case, and a few awesome games.
Auntie Jaeleen gave him some super fun Benderroos

Grandma also gave Jamison some cute summer tanks and shorts and a cool hooded Bus towel.

Skidmore clan gave him a totaly rad Toy story pig mony shooting toy thing :)

He also got a super cool Toy Story Woody and RC shake and go toy from his good buddies Rohen and Murphy. Daddy made sure the baseball gear was all there and some more Toy Story toys.
Earlier in the day he had some pizza and played at Fireman Park with his Williamsen buds which is always a good time.
it was a fun day and we can't say it enough, we love this little guy!! You have such a sweet spirit and such a loving heart. your growing and learning so much and can't to see what the this year holds.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Turning 3

Wow, it's hard to believe this was our little family just 3 years ago in Kentucky.
Yes it was 3 years ago today that Jamison ,reluctantly, made his entrance into the world.
We had a schedule cesarean section because Jamison was breach , FROM THE GET GO MIND YOU, and was showing NO signs of ever coming out.
We love this little guy so very much and can't believe how fast the time is going by.
Happy Birthday!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Zoo With Some Cousins

I am so happy that my cousin Brooke, her husband Heber, and their cute little daughter Elsie have moved to Utah. I am used to living in Los Angeles with my WHOLE family (parents, siblings, grand parents,aunts, uncles, and cousins) around and so being here without any extended family has been a little sad, so this is very exciting, plus in the same week my sister moved up here to live with us. Happy Times!!
So we got the kids together for the first time and headed out to the zoo. They are 1 year and 4 days apart but about the same size and got along great.
Elise and Jamison checking out the ducks

Jamison, Brooke, and Elsie