Saturday, November 10, 2012

Travel Town

 Travel Town is one of my favorite places to take Jamison when we are in town. He LOVES to go there and check out all the trains and would spend hours there if we let him. It's also nice because it's never very busy so the children can run pretty freely.
 This trip Pricella and Mateo joined in the fun. I think Pricella was hoping to walk the baby out.

 And of course you cant go to travel town and not ride a train,

Graham Cracker Haunted Houses

While Jamie was cleaning out the garage one evening those of us hanging out at the Hermosa house thought we would make some graham cracker haunted housed. They were really fun to make and I am still amazed how much energy Pricella had as she participated in all our activities while she was about to burst with child. 
Auntie Jaeleen in the middle there getting her house started.

 Terry and Jamison
 Pricella and Mateo
 Jamison and Mommy

 The boys and their Haunted Houses

Sierra gets Baptized

 You know whats fun? Going to California, specifically LA for 10 days. Yep, it really is.
We were so lucky to get to fly down and visit for many reasons this year one being my niece Sierra was getting baptized.

 Papa and Sierra

 Meghan, Sierra, and Jacob
 Pricella, Jaeleen, and Mom

 Little family shot, Millers
 All the nieces and nephews. Jamison, Eric, Mateo, Ethan, Sierra, And Elizabeth
 Even baby Mia below who made her debut a few days later

 After the baptism the Fornelli's has a super fun Birthday/Baptism party for Sierra with the world biggest angrey bird piniata.

 Meghan made yet another beautiful birthday cake themed after one of Sierra's favorite movies Brave. The cake was Hawaiian Wedding Cake, YUMMY!!!!!!
Meghan also made the coolest bows and arrows out of PVC pipes for the games. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of them but they wer AWESOME and a huge hit not only with the kids but the adults couldn't seem to get enough of them either.
Fun day and we are so proud of Sierra.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy Birthday To Terry

Terry has hit the big 40!!!!!! Yep this was the year and we were lucky enough to have his brother and wife, Merrit and Shirley, in town from Canada. So we had birthday dinner with his mom and dad, the Skidmores, and Merrit and Shirley. He was thrilled to have everyone share this day with him
 Shirley and Merrit
 Skidmore Clan

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Zach Has Started School at Western Kentucky University

 Zach is all settled in and has started his studies at WKU. He seems to be doing well, studying hard and doing well on his tests.  He is fortunate to have a few friends and his girlfriend attending as well but is also branching out and meeting lots of new people. We were so excited to have Terry go out for parents weekend and get to see Zachs new digs and get a peek into this new phase of his life.