Sunday, December 26, 2010

Chirstmas 2010

Oh my word what a fun Christmas it was this year. Jamison so got it this year. He got a video email from Santa that blew his mind and then the day before Christmas Eve he received a special package in the mail with a letter from Santa and some instructions for using his Magical Reindeer Food to help Rodolph guide his sleigh to our home on Christmas Eve. That too blew his mind pretty hard core as he made us read it like 4 times that day and then asked to have it read before he opened his presents.
So Christmas morning no longer starts with Jamison waking up at 9 a.m. This year he was up and ready to get the party started at quarter to 6. I walked in the room and he said" I did what he said, he brought the presents?!?!" So sweet. So off we went
As he walked in the room I heard him whisper, "There are so many presents!".

Jenna trying to be awake for the festivities :)

All Jamison has been asking for for months is a Toy Story Slinky Dog. He had no doubt Santa would come through.

Jenna and Terry got me Vintage table cloths thanks to joAnna. I LOVE THEM!!!

Thanks Auntie Bean
Thanks Jess

Terry got me a super awesome cake pan.

I made Jamison a super hero cape. I love it so much, he looks so cute.