Saturday, July 30, 2011


I love that Jamison is so into the garden. It has to be one of the best parts of being in our new home. While be feel like we are constantly fighting an uphill battle against the weeds we still have enjoyed trying to get some fun veggies and fruits to grow. We are learning a lot as we spend this year seeing what happens in our yard and will be able to better prepare for next year. The 3 deer, evil squirrels and quail ( count now up to 26) have been the worst of all. Is it terrible that Jamison will see a squirrel in the yard and exclaim, " I am going to shoot that squirrel and eat it!" It's a bit unnerving but I think to myself, ya lets go for it minus the eating part. Bad I know. If you only knew that battle we have had with these wonderful little creatures.

Anyhow, I love watching Jamison tending this little garden. He is super great at pulling weeds, watering, and it is so rewarding to see your child out picking blackberries and green beans. And eating strawberries right off the plant. And I have to give a huge shout out to Terry for all his hard work. He has been a valiant bug sprayer. I believe he saved our cherries from a horrific bug death and he has done so much more out there. Just about everyday after work he heads straight out to the yard and is working with his little side kick until late in the evening.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Harry Potter

Yes we love us some Harry Potter here at the Miller house. Terry and I went with Brooke and Heber to see the 12:01 am showing on July 15th. We had so much fun. It's amazing being amongst all the hard core fans, And the movie was AMAZING!!!!



Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sisters Weekend In Denver

This year the Fornelli sisters decided to get together for a weekend getaway at our sister JoAnna's home in Denver. We did feel bad leaving out our two brothers especially seeing as how they are as sisterly as to macho men can get ;)

When we arrived JoAnna had made us each beautiful gift baskets that I never did get a picture of and had our itinerary all ready to go. She and Brandon were amazing hosts and we had so much fun. It was my first time in Denver and LOVED it. If they weren't moving I would have to seriously con cider moving there.
Loved this resturant . They serve the best breakfasts you could ask for.

Not quite enough seats in the car. Heee heeee heee

Part of a cupcake tour

The Spice Shop

Hair cuts courtesy Jaeleen

Trash bags have so many uses.

Candy Factory Tour

Sisters Weekend- Crafting

Jessica taught us how to make these fun Banners
And behold, Yes even Jenna made one.

Jaeleen cooked up some delicious chicken wraps

Sisters Weekend, Shopping and Tastings

EVOO- Olive Oil and Balsmic Tasting