Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Terry

Happy Birthday to Terry:)
So on September 26th Terry's family got together to do Tyler's baptism in the early afternoon. That was wonderful of course. Then it was time to do the dinner for Andy's homecoming event. That was really fun too. Then to top the evening off we had pie and sang to the birthday boy. I felt bad that I wasn't able to do a big old cake for Terry because I had an order that took a lot of time but he got to have his Favorite, Key Lime Pie. All is well

Andy and his date

Jamison and Nicholas playing in The Skidmore sand box

Saturday, September 19, 2009

"I got it"

As I was in the kitchen doing dishes I hear Jamison say in the other room " I got it." OK I thought, then after a minute I think "got what?' So I go to check on him and find that he "got" the powder open and was changing bears diaper and POURING it on. He was so proud of himself I couldn't help but laugh and snap a few shots. At least it was just powder so that area of the carpet smelled baby fresh for a while.

Doesn't Bear look oh so fresh and clean? Ahhh, what can ya do.

Camp fire fun

Last night the Williamsen's invited us to join them for a camp fire at a park near our house. We had so much fun. We've been wanting to check it out up there but for one reason or another we just haven't done it, which is lame especially seeing as how it is only like 5 minutes from our house. Anyhow, Mary Kate also came up with her girls and the kids just had a ball running around exploring and eating lots of fun stuff. Amy made super awesome peaches with cinnamon and sugar that she baked in the fire and bananas stuffed with chocolate and marshmallows also baked in the fire.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Utah State Fair

Growing up in Los Angeles, CA I never thought I would be participating in "fairs", we just don't have them where I grew up, it was more likely I would be participating in a street fight, just kidding, but really not "Fairs" Well "When in Rome...", so now that I live in Utah and have discovered the domestic goddess within I thought "Hey, why not" And I entered some Raspberry Jam, and a Carrot Cake. The Jam was not a winner but he stood tall and proud non the less. And to my TOTAL shock my carrot cake won FIRST PLACE!! I don't usually like to toot my own horn, but hey this time I will. I have NEVER won anything, every!!! Well there were a few scratcher lottery tickets in the 90's , but I have reformed my ways so those don't count. So yep I won with my carrot cake recipe. Who knew.

Below is my carrot cake, oops I mean my WINNING carrot cake :)
And a shout out to Mary Kate, Thanks for lending me the Bunt Pan at the last minute, may have been the key to my success :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Here are a few more of the family pictures Amy took while Zach was out. We just love her work and are so happy to have these. There are a ton more but I wanted to make sure I had a few on here for journaling purposes.

These were done in June of 2009
in Bountiful, Ut

Yes we all know what your thinking about this shot. (Hee Hee Hee)
But I think it is totally funny. Poor innocent child :)

Just Chillin

No joke, totally not a posed picture. Jamison quite frequently lays like this while driving, reading with mom and dad, watching TV, and sleeping. I just look at him and think how sweet it must be to be 2 years old and so carefree.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Prince and Princess Cookies

These are some cute sugar cookies I made for my friend Amy's daughter, Erin's, birthday party. The party was so fun. Amy being the super mom she is, had a bunch of creative activities for the kids, yummy food, and they enjoyed running around playing together. Fun time guys and Happy Birthday Erin!!

Birthday Cake

This cake was requested as a unisex birthday cake for 10 people. I decided to go with a black and white theme. To my HORROR!!!!!!! for some reason this batch of butter cream would not dye black. Dark Charcoal was as good as it got. But it all worked out in the end.

8 inch round, 4 layer chocolate with French Vanilla Mouse filling, covered in vanilla butter cream.

Bear Lake

At the end of August we headed up to Bear Lake for the day to see our great nephew Nicholas get blessed. Most of Terry's family was already up there camping so we joined them at the lake for some fun before heading back to the campground for the blessing and family dinner.

Would not say Jamison was to sure about the boat. He really wanted to go in it but once we put a the vest on him he was NOT happy.

Believe it or not this was Jamison's first time playing in the dirt. He was in HEAVEN. He played there for a couple HOURS straight!!!! By the time he was done he was covered completely in dirt.

Cherry Hill Cake

In August I had a request for a birthday cake for a friends young daughter who was having her birthday at Cherry Hill. Cherry Hill is a water park with a fun lazy river that floats through an old western town. The request was for a hill with a Cherry on top. I tried to incorporate some of the elements of the water park on the cake with the lazy river, inner tubes, a silhouette of the western town buildings and of course the hill and some cherries. Unfortunately when it was time to put the cherries on top of the hill they broke and thus ended up at the bottom of the cake next to the birthday girls name.
I honestly can't remember the cake flavor on this one, I assume chocolate because it had cookies and cream butter cream filling.


Breakfast burritos. I love hearing Jamison say"BurrrrrEtoo" Ah my little Mexican.
He loves Mexican food. He has it in his blood after all. At one point during my pregnancy with him while I was barely functioning from being so incredibly sick, I found the ONLY thing I could eat was Beans and Rice from a Mexican restaurant near our house in London, KY. Yep seems he's been a fan from the very beginning :)

These are some pictures from an outing to Dinosaur Park. I so wish we lived a little closer to it because we had so much fun. There was lots to see and I loved that it is outdoors so Jamison was able to burn off some energy and Terry and I enjoyed the walking.