Monday, June 15, 2009

Jamison 2nd Birthday

Happy Birthday Jamison!!! Wow I can't believe my little baby is 2!! Time is flying by so fast. Of course I have spent the last couple of weeks crying at the strangest moments as I realize what a big boy he is becoming.

So this year was a fun birthday year. Jamison had two birthdays, fitting as he is 2. Huh just realized that :). Anyway with Zach here we went to Idaho for a couple of days so we did a birthday there with the family and another on on his actual birthday in Utah with his Skidmore relatives.

Round 1- Idaho.
I made Jamison a fun bug cake. He loves to step on bugs and kill them for mommy. So I thought he'd get a kick out of this cake. It was so fun to be able to celebrate with Terry's parents and all the cousins and aunts and uncles, plus it was so awesome that Zach was here!!

He did such a good job of blowing out the "Fire"
Terry, me, Zach, and Jamison

While in Idaho I thought it would be fun to go to Bear World for Jamison's Birthday.
We made sure to squeeze every ounce out of that place seeing as how it was $16.50 a person. Crazy right?!?!

I have to say we did see a lot of bears. You drive round looking at the bears while they just kind of roam around. It was pretty cool to just have them walking up to your car and checking you out.

Here is Jamison with some of his cousins. Jaylee, Allison, and Makayla

They have a really fun petting zoo there. They had lots of baby animals but these white goats were the sweetest of all.
Everyone had oh so much fun on the rides too. Really it is cute to see the kids get so excited for those things.

Round 2- Utah
Luckily Terry powered through his exhaustion and after dropping Zach off at the airport in Las Vegas at 8:00 in the morning and seeing him off he drove straight back and made it home in time for Jamison's birthday. What a good dad.
I made another, slightly smaller version of the bug cake.

Got to love those Monkey toes :) That is soooo my boy.

Daddy and Zach picked out this shirt at the M&M store in Vegas

So the other fun part of turning two is getting your 2 year old shots. Funnnn, right.
Today we headed to Tanner Clinic to see Dr. Eberhard. We found out Jamison weighs a whopping 23.7 lbs putting him in the 5th percentile for his age.( He has gained 2 lbs sence his 1 year old visit) He is 34 inchs tall= the 40th percentile, and his head circumfrience was 19.5 inches= 70th percentile. It is always good to see Dr. Eberhard, he is so patient and encouraging. Jamison doesn't enjoy it quite as much, he's wise to the happs at these doctor visits. But he still said "Bye bye" when he finished and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Love it.
He was so cute while the nurse, who is new and I LOVED!!!, was doing her nurse thing with him. He was all scared and clinging to me and kind of whimpering. As soon as she said all finished, Jamison perks up and says "done, done, done,...." like a million times and is asking to get down and for his shoes and shirt. I had to burst his little bubble and tell him we still have one more thing to do. So she comes back in and he eyes the shot straight away and FREAKS out. I had to kinda lay across him to hold him down while she does her thing, he sounds like he is being murdered, and of course this all happens in a matter of seconds. We finish and he stands up crying, trying to catch his breath, big old dinosaur tears falling down his cheeks, and is saying "tank you, bye bye. tank you" What a sweet heart. Needless to say he got a sucker, some loves, got to push all the buttons in the elevator, including the emergency button, and was happy once again.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jenna in Utah

We were so happy to have my sister, Jenna, come to visit for a little while. It was here birthday the day before she came so I made here a surprise Birthday Cake.

So we started the visit out a one of our Favorite spots Dee's. First I got her up at the crack of dawn, 5:30 a.m., to go work at the co-op I love, Bountiful Baskets. Jenna is NOT a morning person, so that was a big deal. But I think she had a good time at. So yeah on bountiful Baskets Saturday's we always have breakfast at Dee's.
Of course we did the Temple Square thing, Unfortunately the Conference center was hosting a program so she couldn't do the tour, major bummer.

(This one's for you Jake)

Jenna was introduced to the wondrous joy that is Cafe Rio. She had it twice. She said she had to have it the second time just before she left because the first time was tainted by the horrific cold she, and the rest of us, had for about the entire time she was here. Said she couldn't really taste it. Whatever she just fell in love with it.
That's right, don't hate folks, don't hate!!!
Terry was more than happy to introduce Jenna to the fun times to be had .....
Geo Caching!!!

This is the cutes little Italian restaurant in Salt Lake City.

I HATE FISH!!!!! But because I know it is very good for you I really want to start cooking it for Jamison and Terry. So Jenna shared some of her mad Chef skills with me and taught me haw to make some awesome Salmon packets.

We were driving around one day exploring and ended up down by NPS. So I thought to make Jenna feel a little more at home we should go inside. She rocked it!!

Last day just just before heading home. Bountiful Temple