Saturday, September 8, 2012

Summer Of Fun, part 2

 Well the Summer Of Fun is about over. School has started and we are in full swing there but are going to squeeze a few more "Summer" activities out  in the next week or so.
We are so pleased with how much we got done on our list. When we wrote it I didn't think we would get to much of it but surprisingly we have.
We camped out for a parade with friends and family.

 Jamison has been my canning buddy this year and he has really made the process a whole lot easier and fun. I was shocked at such a young age just how much he was able to do. He cut just about all the apricots when we did jam, and did a lot of the apples from picking to processing for the applesauce.

 Fun times with friends

 Papa, Jaeleen, and Sierra came out for a visit. Jamison was so excited to have his cousin in town!!

 Bowling with cousins. I will just say that bowling and the Slabberts is always the right choice.

 Camping with the family. Oh how Jamison has been waiting for this event. We had such a great time and can't wait to get a few trips set for next year.

 Toured the Brigham City Temple prior to the dedication.