Friday, November 26, 2010

JoAnna In Utah

I was so excited to have my sister JoAnna come for a visit. We had fun hanging out seeing the sights and of course spending some time with Brooke and Elsie also. Sister time and cousin time equal good times all around :)
First stop pick jenna up at the Roof after she got off work and get some lunch at the Lion House.

A "SWEET" Day In Salt Lake City

Well with JoAnna in town naturally we had to tour some of our favorite sweet spots. First stop, Hatch Family Chocolates, then Mrs. Backer's pastry Shop, next we swung down to Dough Girls Cookies, and lastly up to Mini's Cupcakes. We did finish things off a few days later with a tour at the Sweet Factory before taking her to the airport.

JoAnna really liked her hot chocolate

jamison was not into taking pictures :)

He had been asking for a ginger bread man for a few days.

Oh my word it was so fun but also a little rough. When your dealing with two fatty livers, diabetes, a 3 year old and very cold windy weather what else are you going to do. I know, I know. But it wasn't anything a little metformin, some fish oil, milk thistle, a good meat sandwich, and a nap couldn't help. Oh my.

Gardner Village With JoAnna

Brooke and Elsie met up with Jenna, Jamison, and I to show JoAnna the Village and search for those elusive Christmas Elves.
JoAnna and Jenna

Brooke, Jenna, and JoAnna

Jenna, JoAnna, and Julie, sisters :) ahhh

Jamison and Elsie

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jamison and His Cousin Elsie

Jamison and Elsie at the bakery at Gardner Village taking a little break