Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hollywood Connection

For Jamisons birthday we took him to play at Hollywood Connection and boy did hie have a blast. He LOVED the rollercoaster and playing golf. The rollerskating, not such a big fan. Screamed the whole way, oh well :)

Zach and classic Terry

Terry, Jamison, and Zach

Oh Auntie Jenna, such a silly girl

Terry, Jamison, Zach, and Jenna

Monday, June 20, 2011

Cousin Elsie's Birthday

Cousin Elsie turned 3 this past weekend and Brooke and Heber threw an amazing party. There was super awesome food and Brooke made the cutest cake ever. And the kids had a fun time trying to destroy a pinata that both Elsie and Jamison insisted was a letter E not a number 3. So cute.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jamison Turns 4

Yes it happened again. Jamison had another birthday. I wish this would stop happening because he is getting so grown up.

Anyhow, the big 4. Oh man how time flys. Well this year I wasn't quite as prepared as I normally am. We have just had so much going on. So poor Jamison has been asking for MONTHS for a party. I however was not ready to start those so at the last minute I decided to compromise and invite some friends over to play, have some pizza and cake and call it done. It was great to have so many kids around and I think it all worked out. So thanks your to everyone who came to celebrate, it was so great!!!

This is the moment this child had been waiting for, wating for since 4:30 in the a.m. Yes he was so excited he woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. So at about 5am I agreed to lay down with him in hopes of everyone getting a few more hours of rest. Seconds after I close my eyes I feel and smell this hot dragon breath right up on the side of my face and it is jamison in a loud whisper is asking, "Am I 4 years old now? Am I 4?"n then " Do I have presents?", Can I go down stairs and see my birthday?", Mommy is it time to get up for my birthday?" and this continued every few minutes untill Terry finially came in at 7 and got us up.

This shot of Zach is EXACTLY how I felt too.

Thanks Kathy. Huge hit!!!!!

Jamison saw a monster cake that he liked and decided that whas the one for him. Only he insisted it needed to be Pink on the outside and Blue on the inside. An that is what he got.

And I was so proud of him, he helped bake it and decorate it. Good work!!!!!

Why do kids always point with the middle finger?

Terry and Zack had to head up to Idaho for a few days so we had birthday breakfast together and and did the whole candles and singing and cupcakes before they had to go.

Auntie Jenna rushed over after work to give Jamison some very special presents. So thoughtful :)