Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Jamison started his first year playing soccer. He seems to be on the fence as far as being excited about it. I think after today's game, however, he was a little more enthusiastic seeing as how when he got home he grabbed his new soccer ball and wanted to reenact the whole game with him playing the part of his "Teacher" other wise known as Coach.

So off to Farmington every Tuesday for the next several weeks. Lets hope the weather decides to cooperate and stop with all the snow and rain so our kids can get out and have some fun.
On the way to the game Jamison totally crashed out and we could not get him to wake up. Luckily after sitting at the playground for a little bit he finally started to come to.

Jamison is number 7 and this is his coach on his left in the blue. We just LOVE him. He is so great with the kids.
Note Jamison in the picture below on the left. I do recognize this as his Tiger pose. Yep ready to strike at the "Whites" as he kept calling the other team Because they had on the white shirts while his team wore red.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Jamison At Play

Don't you just love these earmuffs? Well so does Jamison. His kind Auntie Jenna lent them to him during a snow storm this week telling him that they would keep him nice and warm. Well he loves them and says he is hiding them from Jenna when she comes over so she "Can never Get Them Back!!"

Thank You Jenna
Jamison informed me one morning that his baby was very sad because she wanted a pillow and blanket for Christmas. Translation, mom I want a pillow and blanket for my baby now. So being the dream granter that I am we whipped him up a pillow and blanket fit for a spoiled baby bear ;)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Our First Home

Well we did it. We bought a home in Bountiful. Just down the street actually. These aren't the best pictures as they were taken in the dead of winter. Now with spring upon us we'll have to get some new ones.