Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just like daddy

I am captivated watching the mind of a two year old. Right now we are in the "I want to do everything daddy does." I crack up when we catch Jamison copying Terry. If Terry is on the phone, Jamison gets a phone. If Terry is eating dinner Jamison will eat dinner, but as soon as daddy is done so is Jamison. It's everything, the way Terry walks, which is pretty funny these days with Terry's bad leg, the gestures Terry makes while talking, you name it the list goes on and on. Isn't it amazing to watch their development. It does remind us how important the example we set is though.

Kids, they're funny.

Terry has to keep his hurt leg wrapped so how silly of us to forget Jamison would need his wrapped too :)

Oh is this how we sit to watch TV, OK.

Happy 24th of July

How did we celebrate? Fireworks. I love fireworks!! We had the neighbors over and went to town. Shane and Rachel had the really fun ones, especially the smoke bombs and parachute ones. Love those. It was a fun time, I can't enough of watching the excitement and trepidation on on the kids faces while watching daddy's play with fire :)

Shane and Murphy


Jamison and Rohin

Liam, Cameron, Amy, and Rohin

Thanks for the sparklers Shane and Rachel

Jamison's first sparkler

Owen trying to decide if he wants to give it a try

Isn't this the cutest of Erin, love the crossed leg. What a little lady:)

Isn't life grand.

I try to be as good as possible about keeping our blog updated with our family happenings, but I fail to include myself in this documentation much of the time. So because this is supposed to be used as a family journal I thought I should do a little catch up on me.

Well here is the latest. Who knows what these are for? Hummm

That's right folks, Diabetics. While on vacation my Doctor let me know I was officially a Type 2 Diabetic. Hip Hip Hooray? Right? NOOOOOOOOO.

I was a bit more upset about this than I realized. Not only have I been dealing with my new news a few months ago regarding my under active Thyroid, but now this.

So I not only have Hashimotos Disease,but now Diabetes's too.

I have been going to a specialist at the U ofU for my Hasimotos and now I get to go up there for Diabetic classes and my nutritionist. I will say that I am very grateful for my doctor. He is really good about calling and talking to me if I am upset about something and always smiles when I start in with my list of questions. Now I have started to just type them up and hand him a sheet of my questions at the visit. He is very thorough and patient. And the specialists at the U are WONDERFUL. Love them. I was a little taken back after my first visit. The doctor came back in after talking with me for a while and had several people with her.I thought, "Crap, things must notbe good if she has to go round up backup." But no, because they are part of the University there are always students with them. I have gotten used to having extra help around now. But yeah I have been very happy with everyone I have seen thus far. I never feel rushed, it's great.

So that's the newest drama in my everyday life. I was pretty stressed out at first but after meeting with my nutritionist I felt a lot better. I am struggling this time around with the dietary adjustments. It is basically the same as when I had the gestational diabetes with Jamison. I guess doing it for him was a good motivator. I just need to get into that mindset again.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Terry and Church Softball

There can truly be no rougher more dangerous sport played out there than "Church" ball. In any form. :)
Terry has been playing on the ward team again this year. He has a love of the game that's for sure. He tends to be very dedicated to the team, the game, and getting the win. This is what happened, this week, after the game was all said and done. He said the important thing is that he got on base and later helped tie the game in the bottom of the last inning. He has fun even with this to deal with after. In his defence I have to say the field they play on is pretty crapy. It has a TON of rocks, really sucky.

You can't believe how swollen his calf was. It has gone down a ton but it was about twice it's normal size. However he can't walk on that leg now because it is hurting pretty bad. Terry doesn't usually let this kind of a thing keep him down so it must not be good. These pictures don't do his leg justice, it is really narly!!

The knee cap he keeps reopening at each game

Outer thigh

Hip and back

His bruised and swollen elbow

And finally the hand that he dug a little rock out of the next morning.
I think I'll stick to baking cakes

Baby Shower and Cake

This week a friend of mine, Amy, and I threw a shower for our friend Kim. This is the cake I made for the shower. The cake is marble with chocolate moose filling. Unfortunately the 90 degree weather and my lack of air conditioning were a bit of a challenge while working with the butter cream and fondant as you can imagine. But it got done and that was great.

I also made jumbo cupcakes. I did two from scratch, buttermilk chocolate and carrot. And two box mixes bumped up a bit, coconut cake with shredded coconut and french vanilla with white chocolate chips.

Ok Amy made the CUTEST bootie sock flower arrangements!!! I love them and am totally going to bite this idea from her.
She also made a sweet diaper cake. I thought the center piece looked so awesome!!
Plus she made a VERY yummy fruit dip that I will be stealing from her also :)

Unfortunately I got all caught up in the party and forgot to take pictures. So these are a few I scrambled to get.

Well it was a fun shower and we wish Kim lots of luck and much love with her newest little Rew. :)
And a big Thank You, Thank You , Thank You to April for letting us use her beautiful home. It was fun working with Amy, she is so awesome, and hopefully I didn't drive her too crazy.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oquirrh Temple

Last Saturday we took the opportunity to go to the open house for the Oquirrh Temple here in Utah. It was a wonder time of course. The temple is as beautiful and peaceful, even with all those people touring, as you would expect. Jamison loved the gorgeous chandlers and all the flowers. I thought it was so cute when at the end of the tour as they had our group sitting in the sealing room and a couple was giving a little talk, Jamison had his arms folded. He thought they were saying a prayer the whole time. So sweet.

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July. This year we stayed close to come to celebrate. We started the morning off with a parade down our neighborhood street. Terry helped lead the little parade with some of the other Veterans in our ward caring flags. Behind them were lots of children from the ward and neighborhood with their cars and scooters all decorated for the special event. Terry said it was pretty interesting when they started walking and a few minutes you hear a mad rush of tires speeding down the road. :) The parade ended at the church building where we had a nice flag raising and super yummy breakfast.
Jamison's ride all pimped out :)

Terry at the front of our Parade
Jamison with a few of his buddies, Erin and Liam
Terry raising the flag
Later that evening we had Terry light off some fireworks . Jamison LOVED it !! Before the firework was even out he was shouting "Nother one" It was a fun day!!