Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Zach Has Started School at Western Kentucky University

 Zach is all settled in and has started his studies at WKU. He seems to be doing well, studying hard and doing well on his tests.  He is fortunate to have a few friends and his girlfriend attending as well but is also branching out and meeting lots of new people. We were so excited to have Terry go out for parents weekend and get to see Zachs new digs and get a peek into this new phase of his life.  

School Has Started And It's A Hit

 Jamison has started kindergarten and is oh so in love. He has an awesome teacher, knows many of his classmates from church and sports already so making new friends has been pretty easy, and says quite often, "I wish school was longer." Let's see how long that lasts :)
But seriously this child loves to learn. I suppose having a teacher for a father will do that to a kid.
So this school is BIG an parent volunteers. So terry is working in the Jamisons classroom Monday Mornings and I help out in the take home library Fridays. I feel like we are settling into a nice routine and hope the year continues to be as much fun s it has been so far.