Thursday, September 29, 2011



OK maybe not so much but this little boy has been begging to go on a camping trip since last winter. Thank you Handy Manny for that one. Anyhow this particular day he got it in his head that he wanted to camp on the floor in his room and spent the entire day trying to create a tent with his blankets. He was over the moon when I granted his wish to let him build a tent and sleep on the floor of his room. He added a specific request that we make sure he was on the floor in the tent, daddy could sleep on his bed, and I was to just stay in my room. Nice, pushed out of the boys club already.

As bed time approached and I gathered Terry and Jamison together to get his room ready I was surprised to have Jamison tell me he wanted his mattress on the floor for camping and no tent. I guess his efforts from earlier in the day lead to him being over it and he just wanted to be on the floor surrounded by all his "FRIENDS". He was so excited and in the morning when I asked him if he has slept well he said, "Yes it was so cool!!"

I LOVE the simple joys of life.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day Of Preschool

It happened. The first day of preschool. Can't believe it.

Jamison is so in love with going to school and we couldn't ask for a better teacher. Mrs. Cynthia is just what we needed.

So the first day we got to class and as Jamison got out of the car I was ready for a little hesitation but instead he just kissed me, asked me to walk him to the door, and then once that door opened he never looked back. Well that went better than I had expected and I have to say I felt a bit sad. It's hard to let your little one go especially when he is the only one you've got. Anyhow Upon pickup when I asked how it went he replied, " Mom it wasn't even long." Meaning he wanted to stay longer. Oh well, guess I should have signed him up for the 3 day class.

Yesterday when Terry and I picked him up he was so excited. He said," I have something in my backpack. It's a surprise. Close your eyes..... It'sssss HOMEWORK!!!!!" Oh my let's see if homework is still as thrilling in a few years :)