Saturday, July 24, 2010

Temple Square,The Lion House Pantry,and The Pioneer Museum

Heading out to SLC for the day with all the kids.

First hings first. I promised the kids we would get to ride a train so a quick trip on TRAX did the job.

The observation deck at the Church Office Building. Jess had to wait inside due to her extreme fear of heights. I went out to take some pics but was feeling a bet weak in the legs, a little to high for my liking. It was amazing and scary at the same time to see how the kids had no fear whatsoever. They stood with their faces smashed up against the glass and they all wanted to hang their arms out the little hole cutouts. Crazy!!

Oh how we love the Lion House. Not only do they have the BEST rolls ever, the atmosphere is fun and who can resist sharing some of their yummy desserts.

The Pioneer Museum


One particularly windy morning Jessica came up with a very innovative idea, plastic bag kites. They were foolproof and the kids LOVED them.

Heritage Park At This Is The Place

Jessica, Ethan, Elizabeth, Eric, and Jenna

Elizabeth and Than taking in a class or two during their visit.

While we were checking out the class room a woman from the park and a KSL producer came in and asked if the children could come join in the choir for a piece for KSL on the park. Yep spent all those years in Los Angeles and it takes one visit to Utah and the kids are thrust into stardom.

Jamison prefers the behind the scene action.

Leather working

Panning for Gold

Making arrowhead necklaces at the Indian Village

Cashing in their gold at the town bank.

Jenna and Elizabeth making Candles

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Front Yard Fun

There is a pine tree in our front yard that children love to play under because it is like a secret playhouse under there, a perfect fort. They clocked a ton of time playing under there.

Random Terry shot :)

Ethan, Eric, and Jamison playing in the driveway.

Elizabeth, typical girl :)