Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter in Idaho-2009

Another very fun Easter Holiday spent with the Miller side in Idaho. We arrived Saturday and headed over to Anna and Judd's for the big Easter egg hunt. We had a great time. There was TONS of good food, the kids rocked the Easter egg hunt, and we just had a fun time spending the day with the family.

So first up the hunt. This year was fun because Jamison was able to really understand what was happening. Plus we had "practiced" at home and Aunt Rhonda's. The only problem was that Jamison thought the rocks in the back yard were eggs too.

Levi found the "Golden Coin". Anna had a grand prize for the one who found the golden coin. It was a really cute snow cone making kit. Levi is so sweet, after he sang a "I found the coin" happy song he announced "free snow cones for everyone".

All the eggs are filled with play money the kids can use to go "shopping" at the "store".
Which is set up in the kitchen with prizes all the family contributes. The kids love it!!

Even the big kids had fun as as seen below. I can't tell you how long they played Rock Band but it seemed like forever. Oh to be a Super Duper Rock Star :)

Jamison has always had the love of the motor vehicle, and it seems that at only 22 months he has developed a fairly high standard. Judd had a lot of fun cars and trucks and Jamison would spend all day with them if we let him.

After a fun day at the Ball's we all headed back to grandma and grandpa's house and dyed eggs.

Easter Sunday. What a cutie!!

And when we got home from church look what Jamison found. That silly Easter Bunny had come by and left him a basket of goodies.

And so ends another Happy Easter.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter goodies from Grandma Betty

Today while Jamison and I were folding laundry we received a fun surprise in the mail. An Easter package from Grandma Betty (my mom). Oh does he like getting presents in the mail. Of course at first his favorite part was the paper grass, but once he realized there was candy in there too, he about lost his mind!!

He really really really loved this cute Easter egg straw cup, and the awesome Winnie the"Poo POO" encyclopedia. Terry and I also were VERY excited to get a pound of Sees Candy Chocolate Bordeaux's!!!! YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY

I can't keep him away from the candy. I think it's going to have to go in the fridge. :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Check it out!!!!!!

So my sister lives in Arizona and has been participating in this co-op for a while now . They are called BOUNTIFUL BASKETS. Well they have expanded to Utah!! I started with them last week and LOVED it!!! It is all run on a volunteer basis and I am planning to start training at the next distribution so that we can open up a site here in Bountiful. It is great, you get a ton of fruit and veggies at a lower cost. If your interested go to I believe the next distribution will be April 18th. The orders fill up FAST!! If you want to participate let me know and I can pick up your order for you seeing as how it is in Clearfield and I will already be out there.
Anyway just wanted to pass the information on to everyone out there.
Enjoy :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bird House

This week for family home evening we decided to put up a bird house. We have a very large window in our living room that we have pushed the coffee table under because Jamison loves to stand there and watch all the "Animals" (birds), people, and cars go by. Anyhow we thought the bird house would be fun for him. To bad it was super cold and we still had snow on the ground. But whatever, we had fun :)

Now when you don't have the luxury of a garage to store things like a ladder you find ways to improvise when such items are needed. I just tapped into my ghetto skills and pulled the Trooper up on the lawn under the tree and told Terry to climb on top. That's right, you just do what you gots to do :)