Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas Eve and we find Jamison spreading Magic Reindeer food on the lawn.
Next he is very excited about getting Santa's cookies ready.

He REALLY wanted to have one. But in the end left them all for Santa.

Terry on Christmas morning putting in a little time on the heating pad. Got to get that back all loosened up.

Jamison was so excited when we got him up and told him someone had come in the night to our house. His first guess :"Reindeer's?!" We answered "yep and they brought Santa and he left you some presents" He hurried out living room and went straight to the plate of cookies, I think he was astounded to see Santa Had come and eaten he cookies. WOW. Then he turned around and saw the scooter. Very excited!!

Next we got his stocking down. He had been eyeing it for a while. He was such a funny boy because he would pull something out, get very excited, then go put it away in his room. We finally got him to just open his presents and leave them in the living room.

Oh boy could these be the toys he'd been asking for for over a month, 2 Cars?

Jamison was such a good boy Santa left him some other special presents too.

Here he is enjoying a body pillow mommy made for him.

After Jamison saw daddy have some success using his teeth to get that darn ribbon off some presents he thought this was a good way to get the job done.

After Jamison opened this blanket from Grandma Betty, he decided to take a little break.
Back to the presents.

Oh boy what a fun morning. Jamison lasted the whole time opening presents this year. Santa was very kind and gave Jamison lots of fun toys he spent the entire day playing with and our families were very generous with their gifts. We LOVED everything.
Merry Christmas!! Now we get to pick up Zach tomorrow and celebrate some more.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Last night was not a fun night. Jamison didn't seem to be sleeping to well as prior to 4:30 a.m. he had already woken up several times. At 4:30 though, he was AWAKE. Normally I leave him in his crib to cry it out but this time it wasn't happening. So Terry took the couch seeing as how he had to get up a 1/2 hour later and I went against my better judgment and brought him into bed. He wanted to get up and play but I gave him very strict instructions to lay down quietly or he was going back to his crib. And he did. He laid there for 3 hours very quiet but very awake. I heard him talking about his friends, he mentioned Santa SEVERAL times, his toys. And then after being quiet for a while he started to sing, "Santa Clause comin to town, make a list, naughty or nice". Yep buddy you melted my tired, grumpy, heart. I love to hear him sing. What a sweet boy. It's hard to be upset with him for not sleeping and thus keeping me up after that. Shortly around 8:00 a.m. he fell back asleep. Oh buddy your such a sweet heart and I just LOVE you to bits!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Temple Lights

Terry's parents were down for the weekend from Idaho so we got together with them and Rhonda's family for a trip to Temple Square to see the gorgeous lights.
First we all met up at our place for hot chocolate and goodies. Then we hit the road. I have to say Temple Square reminded me of a super crazy busy day at Disneyland. There were a lot of people, but the weather wasn't to cold and the lights were beautiful as always.

"Family Shot"
Take #2
Thanks Terry for helping the cause.
These are some of the amazing luminaries set around the back by all the Nativity's from different country's.

This is a funny one, Dan looks like he is practicing his Broadway moves.
Unfortunately Terry's mother is notorious for having her eyes shut in pictures.