Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Part 1

"Is there a doctor in the house?!"
Yes there is and he is a totally cutie pie!! This year Jamison was not interested in any of the fun animal costumes or other characters I was trying out on him. I kept getting a " No Way!" from him. Then one night while we were all at Target we came across this little gem and he went for it. I think the big selling point for him was the stethoscope, he thinks it's a phone :)

To get the holiday started we head over to Terry's work. WGU has what I call "Cubical Trick or Treating" in the late afternoon and the families of the employees come up with the kids to get their candy collecting on. Oh my word!!, it is crazy how much candy a child can accumulate over there. Jamison was having so much fun but we finally had to stop because his pumpkin was overflowing, he couldn't even drag it around it was so heavy, and who really needs that much candy anyway. I love that they do this for the families, it is really a fun time.This year Terry went to work as "Dave". I found a thing of crazy eyebrows, we got some black hairspray color, and those "Hello my name is" stickers and Dave was born.

This was HILARIOUS!!!!
As soon as we walked in the door he drug that bad boy into the living room and was trying with all his little 2 year old might to empty it out so he could start chowing down.
I had to help him get it out and then burst his bubble by telling him he could only have 2 candies and that the rest are for later.

To be continued........

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pine Cones

Here we see Jamison "Decorating", as he says, the straw bails out front with pine cones. One day, in an effort to keep him occupied, I suggested he gather up the pine cones in the front yard. He thought that sounded good and in true boy fashion grabbed his dump truck and started running all over the yard while pushing it and gathered up a nice load. Then he took them over to the straw, dumped them out and informed me he would "Decorate". What a funny boy.
Look at his eyes. He has spotted a pine cone.
Got it! He took his gathering task very seriously :)

Spider Shirts

Another preschool project. This is an idea taken from a Michael's craft event. The kids used their hand prints to make these spider shirts. They came out so cute. And it was so fun to have Ro and Murph join in the fun.

Painted Pumpkins

With Halloween soon upon us Terry thought it would be fun to do some holiday projects during preschool. This particular day Sylvi joined Erin and Jamison to paint pumpkins. They were so cute as they took such good care painting. I was prepared for a huge mess but they were very clean with this project and I think they really had fun.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Another Surgery

So Earlier this week I had to have another surgical procedure. I'll tell you I am getting pretty sick of these things. My AWESOME doctor, Dr. Johnson, found some polyps in the bottom of my uterus that needed to be biopsied along with a mole. He also had to go in and laser the tons of cysts on my ovaries. They were swollen to twice their size and so he had to handle that. He also found a cyst in one of my tubes but decided it should be left alone for now. He also discovered that I had early stages of a fatty liver. Isn't that nice. So he was very concerned about that and we will have to get that taken care of as well. Now we will just wait to get my results back. Terry has been so good taking care of everything around the house and with Jamison. I have had a little trouble recovering but things are getting much better now. I really hope I don't have to have anymore procedures for a while. They might as well put a revolving door in my belly button . I'm over having them cut that thing open then blow me. But I shouldn't complain. I am grateful things are being caught and taken care of and that my doctors are so great.
Anyhow, I also have to give a big shout out to my good friends for being so supportive and keeping an eye on us. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Pumpkin Decorating

We took Jamison over to Michael's last weekend for a pumpkin decorating event. He had so much fun decorating his pumpkin with fomie stickers. Those things are the best by the way.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sugar Withdrawals

Sorry this video ended up sideways.

This was Jamison after a day of to many goodies. He wanted some more "SUGAR" and when we had to finally cut him off this is what happened. I know it may seem insensitive to film him but I couldn't help it, I thought it was too funny. Don't worry he got lots of hugs and kiss after :)

Jenna's visit for confrence weekend

We were so happy to have Jenna come out to visit over conference weekend. The first thing we did was go get our Halloween decorations. Jamison has been so excited to get his pumpkins. EVERY time we'd go to the grocery store he would run to the massive mound of pumpkins and I would have to remind him that we were waiting for auntie Jenna to come on the airplane and then we would get our pumpkins. He did finally get the concept because he would run to the pumpkins and say, Jenna Pumpkin. So cute. So anyway we went to a cute little spot in town to get some straw bales and corn stalks.

After our first stop we headed to the pumpkin farm to pick our own pumpkins. We love this place. It was really fun and the weather was perfect.

I took advantage of Jenna being around to have her help me can my 40 lb box of pears. Luck for her we discovered that 3/4 of the box was rotten. I was so mad!!! So here is Jenna being introduced to the wonderful world of canning.

Oh how this brings back memories of my first time sense early childhood in the snow. That morning I had said sorry to Jenna because it didn't look like she would get her snow and she informed us she has prayed for it and sure enough her prayers were answered later that morning when it lightly snowed for a little while. If you can't tell she was thrilled. :)