Wednesday, October 29, 2008

There is a Nursery/Feed store/country themed store near our home that we like to go to. They nave lots of fun toys and plants and all kinds of stuff. But one of the things Jamisons LOVES is the calf statue that usually sits by the front door and the horse ride. I love this horse, it is a dime for a ride and it plays music while it gallops along. I love how cute and little he looks on it, note the two little hands holding onto the horn of the saddle. Cute stuff. He would ride that thing all day long if we let him, and at a dime, I just may make that dream come true one day :) Also, with Halloween here there are of course spiders and webs everywhere you look. I think it is so funny that Jamison thinks they are the "Itsy Bitsy Spider". He always gets so excited and holds his hands up in the air making the spiders motions from the song and singing it nice and loud . LOVE IT !!

Spider Web

Ok so this is my costume. I have to give a shout out to my sister Jess for the idea. Jamison is being a spider and I wanted to be his spider web so she came up with the idea of painting the web on an apron. Good one :)
Anyhow let me tell you finding the apron, not so easy. But in the end I found the only black apron in Davis and Salt Lake County. Anyhow I think it looks cute, if I do say so myself. But then I put it on, let me just say BUZZ KILL. Whatever I love Halloween so I'm going to have fun anyway:)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Homecoming 2008

Zachary Tyrel Miller- Homecoming 2008- London, Ky

We were so excited to get Zach's homecoming picture in the mail today. Doesn't it take you back to the day. Nothing better than those posed school dance pictures. :) I just can't get over how much he is growing up!! He is such a cutie!! He doesn't look 14 at all and let me tell you he sure doesn't sound it either.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Holidays are here

Well it looks to be that time of year again. It's time for the "Big Three", holidays that is. Now that Jamison is here with us and so observant of everything around him I am trying to make an effort to do more of the decorating, etc. around the house, I remember as a child the excitement we all felt as the box of holiday decorations were brought out. So we are starting small. Here is Jamison enjoying his baby pumpkin (pics are of course pre wipe out, see next post) and his skeleton PJ's from Auntie Jess. Fun stuff.


Today was NOT a good day. Here are some pictures to show what a sucky mom I was today. Poor child. It is so sad.
So I was over at Amy's this afternoon whining and crying about nothing really (Poor Amy, I so need to give her a co-pay when I go over to her house, She is a VERY good listener)and Jamison was trying to get a toy he had dropped down the outside stairs. He really could have used my help getting it back up the stairs, but you know I couldn't be bothered to actually get up of my rear and he ended up crashing out on the stairs. Now he is a wreck and it is all my fault. I feel so bad for him!!!!!!! and to make matters worse, he has a cold so I have to wipe his nose quite often and I'm sure that feels lovely with the scraped raw upper lip area.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh I feel so bad!!! Poor child, how will he ever survive me. I sure do love that little guy.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Freezer Meals

Sorry Got these pictures a little out of order, oh well.
So yeah, we had a freezer meal party. Much thanks to Kim for not only opening up her home to us and our children for this project, but also for organizing and doing all the shopping !! She is AWESOME!!!
It was a great success, we got it all done in about 2 hours and now we have a few stress free nights to look forward to. Good times everyone. :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Big Boy

Boy time is passing by so quickly. I sometimes can't believe I have such a big boy on my hands. Meal time is becoming such a challenge for me. Jamison wants to feed himself all the time which would be fine except for the fact that I have the tinniest kitchen in the world!!! so setting him at the table is a logistical nightmare, and to top it off the floor is carpeted, I mean who carpets a kitchen AHHHHHHHH?!?!?!, so you can only imagine the mess that occurs there. But I can't stunt his progression due to a crappy kitchen. So let the mess flow!!! (really easier said than done) :)

New Radiator

Well my poor Trooper got a crack in its radiator. It has really been a good old girl. I have had her for a while and she has been GREAT. Hasn't given me much trouble at all and I have to admit I haven't always taken care of her like I should have. So yep her radiator cracked and thanks to Terry and a bottle of Mountain Dew she has a shiny new Radiator. Good work Terry !! :) I am so greatful to have my car back.