Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Of Fun

(Jamison sleeping in his rocket ship raft)

This years summer theme has been, The Miller Family Summer Of Fun.
At the start of summer we sat down and made a list of everything we would want to do this summer. Jamison came up with some very interesting activities like,  A Day Of Punching Balls, or A day of Eating Suckers. I will have to make sure I take a picture of the complete list and save it on here later :)
Anyhow we have been busting through the list and I have to say it has been great for me because I feel like we are so busy and I love being out doing anything that will wear out a very energetic 5 year old. Oh and making some great family memories along the way is wonderful too.
The down side is that I feel like I have abandoned the yard and garden and the effects are starting to show. Have got to get it back under control, though Terry has been trying to get out there a few hours in the late evening during the week.

So what have we been doing so far? Well after living in Bountiful for what 5 or 6 years we finally went to the local rec center and are now enjoying their water fun a couple of times a week. And you know what is the bomb after spending 4 or 5 hours playing in the wate,r frozen yogurt!! We are slightly addicted to Orange Leaf at the moment.

We love going to the kids movie club every Tuesday at Farmington Station. I just love that place, it reminds me of life back home in CA!

This has been another fun year for the kids club at our local grocery store, Dicks. Every Thursday they have several stations throughout the store with super fun activities for the children to do. The kids have such a great time and it's all free. I love, love community activities like this.

We are still more then enjoying weekly trips to the lake with friends, we have been to some fun restaurant's, taken train rides, had BBQ's, gone to museums, parades, bike rides galore, and late nights playing with friends outside, and on and on and on. 
We are about halfway through the summer and look forward to more fun times before our new adventure, Elementary School, starts.
 Dicks Kids Club

 THANK HEAVENS!!!!!!!!!! Jamison has finally started to eat cereal!!
I was so sick of cooking breakfast every single morning. I have been trying to get him to eat cold cereal for some time but due to his HATE affair with milk it was a loose loose situation. Now we can hit the good old cereal and toast. And you know what I am so happy I could care less if all he eats are crappy surgery cereals. I am just enjoying the breakfast freedom. We can transition into healthier options later.
Our Apricot tree was out of control this year. We had so so so many apricots! I had tons of people come and gather apricots but it just never even seemed to make a dent.
Anyhow I can't tell you how awesome it is to have a helper in the kitchen while working on canning. Jamison cut ALL the apricots for jam and for making our puree that we froze for fruit leather. What a trooper. He truly cut for hours!!

 Our annual 4th of July neighborhood bike parade followed by a flag raising ceremony and breakfast.

 This year due to the fact that our entire state seemed to be raging with huge horrible fires we were not permitted to set off fireworks which as Terry pointed out was just fine because we would rather have our house not burn down then watch fireworks.
So we came up with some alternative activities to do at the family celebration. Frozen toys, baking soda volcano's, water balloon fight, confetti poppers, Coke and mentos explosions, and lots of good eats.

 Parade fun or not, still not sure :)
Amy and I slept out in order to insure a spot on the route. Is there no limit to things we will do for our children. Apparently not. Good thing I had those early years of Rose Parade training to pull from. The children had tons o fun and that's about all I have to say regarding this blessed event.

 That's Jamison in the green shirt st the top middle. Auntie Jenna was helping him score some prizes before the parade started.

This little guy seems to NEVER stop eating. It feels like he is constantly asking for a snack. Is is a boy thing? I don't know, but apparently sometimes a kid just has to fend for himself because a mommy just gets sick of handing out food ALL DAY LONG :)