Friday, June 29, 2012


When the weather decides to give you 90 plus degree weather in June it's time to start hitting the lakes a little early. We usually go to Willard Bay but decided to check out Pineview this week. With some family and friends in tow we spent a super fun day playing in the sand and water.

The girls sunbathing :)

June Hiking

Terry and Zach did several hikes the first week Zach was home. Jamison was very excited to join them one morning for some outdoor fun, He is LOVING having his big brother home and is now at the age where he wants to doe everything the big guys are doing.

Fathers Day

Terry was thrilled to have Zach home for Fathers Day this year. He is always happy to have both his boys around.

Zach made an AMAZING key Lime Pie for Terry.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

5 Years Old

Happy 5th Birthday Jamison.
At 5 years old Jamison loves Star Wars, Super Heros, Disneys Cars 2, Loves to ride his Sith Lord Bike, he still likes to have baby bear close by, he has discovered PBS. org and Disney Jr. and asks to get on the computer ALL THE TIME. And would play his leapster video games all day if I let him. He still has such an active imagination and plays out all sorts of adventures everyday. He is a planner. He is always coming up to me with a plan for going to visit people, things to do, how to fix things, ect. Jamison loves, loves, loves to draw. His picture are probably one of my favorite things ever. He also loves coloring and painting. And playdough, man does this child love him some playdough. Just about every time he sits down to play with it he will do so for at least 2 hours. Better than a video. :)
Jamison also has so much love for Heavenly Father and Jesus. I am truely inspired by his faith. And what I love is that it is always present in his mind. Just the other day he had Terry get the ladder out and put it up against the tree. He wanted so badly to climb up to the top but was just to scared. So he said I need to get down and pray to Heavenly Father to help me be brave. So he came down, went behind the tree said his prayer, then came back and made his way to the top of the ladder. And up at the top he shouted with joy,. Thank you heavenly Father I knew you would you help me, with squeels of joy. I have never known a child or adult who stops and prays more then Jamison does. There is no doubt who to turn to when help is needed and he has no doubt that he will get that assistance. I just love it.
Well buddy you are growing up so fast and we are so blessed to have you in our family!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happy Birthday To Jenna

Jenna turned 31 in May and we had a little family dinner with the Slabert cousins and of course her new husband Fanueli.


So we have two graduates in the family this year. Zach graduated from High School and will be attending Western Kentucky University in the fall. And Jamison graduated from preschool and will be starting Kindergarten at Oak Hills Elementary in the fall.
One in collage and one in elementary. Crazy!!
And we are so proud of both of them.