Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow Painting

What do you do with your child when you have been held up in your house for a week with a yucky cough and cold and you just can't spend one more moment sitting on the couch watching Snow White or Star Wars? You bundle up your sickly little one and go out side in freezing weather and let him snow paint. That's what all good mom's would do, right ;)

Heaven On Earth?

How is it that I have lived here for over 3 years and only just discovered this market and bakery? I must have driven past this location a million times and never knew what I was passing by. This market is to DIE FOR. That is if you love Italian anything and everything. And the bakery had me transported back to Old Town Pasadena, California. Loved it. Can't wait to get back there for another shopping trip!!

Jenna was quite happy.

Just To Sleepy

Sometimes eating dinner takes a lot out of a kid.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I was looking at some of Jamison's baby pictures and it hit me how fast time is going. I can't believe he is not the little baby we brought home what seems like just yesterday. It's funny how some days seem to drag by but then you realize it's all going by in a flash.


Could it be? Really ? Really? Snow?
I think I am the only on left here in Utah that is still hoping for tons and tons of snow. I just LOVE it and we haven't had very much of it this year. So when this was dropped on us last week Jamison and I were quite pleased :)

Valentines Day


Jamison making good use of Auntie Jaeleen's christmas prsent on a cold snow filled day.


Terry's Graduation From Western Governors University with his Masters.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tree House Museum

Jamison and Elsie hanging out at the Tree House Museum. Brook and Henry were there too, I just didn't do a very good job taking pictures.
Yes that is Jamison with his superhero cape.