Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What could it be?

Who can tell me what this is? WRONG, a strainer, I don't think so people.
This is a Spider Catcher. Or at least that's what Jamison thinks it should be used for. I don't know where he comes up with these things but one of his newest games is played out while I am cooking dinner. As soon as he hears pots and pans banging around he comes running in the kitchen, grabs this out of the drawer and informs me he is going to go "catch the spiders" and runs around the house like a wild child catching all the imaginary spiders he can find. Then suddenly he will throw open the same kitchen drawer he got his Spider Catcher out of, chuck it in, slam it shut, announce "Done" and run out again with a huff like " Well now that's done, what's next"
Funny guy this one. :)
Oh the duties of a 2 year old. Spider Catcher. Love it

Boys are Funny

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Toy Story

Jamison is beyond obsessed with the movies, Toy Story and Toy Story 2.
Terry was just saying to me today that it is amazing how you put the movie on and he is glued to the edge of his seat through the entire thing. And I have to agree.
I do have to say that this phase of childhood is one of the ones I was DREADING. I don't particularly like all the Disney type of movies that kids get all crazy about like Beauty and The Beast, Aladdin, etc.
I can handle Cars and Nemo is OK, once in a while. Luckily the Toy Story movies I can handle. So yes he has a Buzz and a Sheriff Woody and he plays with them nonstop. And he runs around the house with his arms spread out to the side yelling "Infinity and Beyond!!!!", He has a rocket ship he rides around the house yelling "Infinity and Beyond!!!", and at Smiths he LOVES to push the children's carts, yes you guessed it, running at full speed yelling "Infinity and Beyond".
So I will also admit I am pretty excited for part 3 to come out and take him to see it at the movie theater. He will loose his mind :)

Watching Toy Sory with dad

Got home from church and what is the first thing he runs for?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Here are some random shots of Jamison during Zach visit.

Fun in the snow

While Terry, Rhonda, Verle and the kids were at the temple for baptisms Jamison, Tyler, and Dan were playing out front in the snow. Tyler and Dan were working on a snowman and Jamison thought it was pretty funny to slam big chunks of snow onto the storm door window. Oh the excitement.


Zach and Jamison. January 2, 2010

Zach in Utah for Christmas 2009

We were so excited to have Zach come out for Christmas and New Years this year. We were also very excited to find a direct flight for him out of Cincinnati right into the Salt Lake Airport, just 11 minutes from our house. Yea!!! No more driving down to Las Vegas.
He arrived on the 26th and went back on January 3rd. It was really great to have him here as always. And as always the time flys by to fast. It is amazing to see how much he has changed in just 6 months. He of course is a total cutie but I think the neatest change is his spirit. He just radiates. So here are a bunch of pics to remember the visit.
Lucky boy. Santa thought he was so good this year he stopped in Kentucky and Utah :)

like father like son

This apparently is was Zach's first time on public transportation. Not counting planes of course. We took TRAX from Temple Square down to the Gateway for lunch.

We had lunch at Toucans Brazilian Grill. SOOOOO GOOOOD

Zach LOVED the drink, the glass- not so much.

Terry and Zach at the Salt Lake Temple to do baptisms
This looks like it could be a mission picture

Another day we visited the Pioneer Museum

O course we had to see the lights at Temple Square.

And I think this is about the time Zach started to freeze to death :)
But he hung in there.

After this shot we about ran back to the car. Too cold.
Baptisms at the Bountiful Temple.
Another day Zach and Terry went back again with Rhonda, Verle, Andy, Aubrey, and Grandpa

Originally we had planned to go up to Idaho to see everyone on the 30th, Unfortunately the roads were so bad and with storms forecast to continue for the next couple of days we felt it was safer to stay in Utah. Upon hearing this news Terry's parents, his sister and her family, and his brother and his family all drove back down to see Zach and spend New years together. I felt so bad that they changed their plans but was very happy to spend the time with them. We did a lot of sledding, played games, and ate way to much. What good times are all about.

Everyone had a blast. Unfortunately Jamison and I had a big time wipe out coming down the hill and after that he wanted NOTHING to do with sledding. We did take him down a few more times. But he was over it!!

Hanging out at Rhondas
Again I have to say it was great to spend the time with Zach. Jamison was beyond excited to be with Zach. He just loves his big brother. It was a little hard for him when Zach went home. He kept asking for him but he is getting the idea. Now he says Zach on plane. I wonder if he thinks he just is always in the sky on a plane. Hum?
Anyhow we are already couning down to our next visit. Fun Stuff