Monday, January 26, 2009

Moose better known as "Moo"

Well we have to give a thank you to Auntie Rhonda for bringing "Moo" into Jamison's life. Oh, how did he manage before he had his faithfull sidekick with him throughout the day. Oh the MANY joyfull activities they enjoy together...

Many, many, many diaper changes

He makes a lot of "poo poo" in a day, perhaps it's those big breakfasts.

Oh "MOO" must be tired from talking on the cell phone, poor guy. How he got away with out a diaper on is a wonder. Goodness knows he and many of his other stuffed friends now require a diaper at all times. Good thing mommy saved the little swimmers Jamison outgrew this summer.

Oh that silly "MOO" he is a big water drinker.

Oh those two, they sure do have fun together. It was so nice of Jamison to INSIST Moo wear his boots. I supose Jamison knew he'd need them with all the snow we've just gotten.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Terry and Zach in Cincinnati, OH. January 2009

This is the trip Terry and Zach just took to Cincinnati, OH. It sounds like they had a good time hanging out together and partaking in the schedule of activities I painstakingly spent MANY evenings putting together for them :) Anyhow here are a few of the pics from the trip.

Terry picked up Zach in Lexington,KY on Friday the 16th. The first night they picked up some KFC on the way to their hotel and just hung out there for the evening.

Saturday they went to the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame. I knew that would be a hit as Zach is a big baseball player and Terry, while he doesn't get to play as often as he would like, is a big baseball player and fan also.

Then later that evening they had dinner at Benihanna, then headed over to the U.S. Bank Arena to see, "Dancing With The Stars the Tour", as you can see in Zach's eyes he loved it. They had a really good time.

Sunday they visited the Newport Aquarium where they spent a couple of hours. Again they had a lot of fun and Terry came home with many many pictures of aquatic life that I guess they found to be pretty interesting. :) So at the aquarium you can take advantage of the opportunity to feed the parrots and they will sit on your head or arm while they are eating. Or in Zach's case your shoulder and then poop on your back. Love it, nature is so fun. Hee hee

This is a picture they took at "The Levee" on the Ohio river. It is a fairly new outdoor mall type of place. They have fun shops, restaurants, the aquarium, a 20 theater movie complex, etc. Just a fun place to hang out and have fun. However it was super super cold so they didn't get to do as much hanging out as they wanted to. But they did eat at a Mexican resturant there, see a movie, and get some Coldstone ice cream, after all it is never to cold for ice cream.

I just thought it was funny to see the pics of their hotel room. I love how guys just throw their stuff anywhere and it doesn't bother them one bit. I had some othere pics but accidently deleted them and am to tired to put them on again. But you get the idea.

Monday they visited the Freedom Center, a museum about the underground railroad. Then they headed over to the Natural History museum but decided against that because there were to many people and went to Dave and Busters instead. Then it was time to head back to London, Ky to get Zach home. On the way they stopped and got their hotwing fix at BW3. These guys love themselves some wings!!

I know the trip was to short as always for Terry. But he had a so much fun just hanging out with Zach. Good times.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Santa Monica Beach, California

Here are a few pics from our trip back in November. All I am going to say is I miss my family and want to go home. And how can you live without the beach?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Family Home Evening and Twinkies

Oh theses pictures make me laugh. You probably really had to be there to get the full effect but I had to document it anyway.

Well we have been really trying to make sure to do our Family Home Evenings. It is easy for me because I just use the nursery lesson, which I'm sure Jamison doesn't realize he's getting for the second time due to the craziness that occurs in nursery. This particular night Terry was in charge of "treats" and we got a Twinkie. Holy cow the child about lost his mind. As many of you know as a general rule we don't give Jamison a lot of sweets. Some times all it takes is as much as one cookie, but when he gets too much sugar he breaks out in a really bad rash on his bottom and around his mouth. So to have a WHOLE Twinkie was a very special treat. He was running around, hiding in his tunnel, squealing with delight with the sugary cream spread across his face all the while trying to lick it off with his tongue. He was so funny, totally in sugar Heaven. Then today at the doctors office, our sweet Dr. Beckstead gave him a sucker. Jamison took it out of his hand and said "no,no,no,no" Now that's my boy. I had to laugh, poor kid, we let him have the sucker and he was the happiest kid ever. Why are sweets sooooo good and yet sooooooo evil :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe it's 2009. WOW. Well we had a pretty fun New Years Holiday. Because of the bad weather at Christmas we had to wait to go to Terry's parents, in Rigby, ID, until New Years. It was really fun. We stayed at his parents along with his sister Rhonda's family. I have to say it was freezing up there. The wind was blowing like CRAZY so his parents back yard has some awesome snow drifts. The swing set was buried up to the top of the slide. Unfortunately I never did get any pictures of that or the snow caves the kids and Terry made. Bummer. One day I bundled Jamison up and ventured out back but once I sank in the snow past my knees and Jamison was not happy with the wind freezing his cheeks, we were right back inside.I love the snow but navigating that deep of snow with a baby isn't so fun. But we had bunches of fun even if we couldn't play outside. We played lots of games. Dan and Tyler DOMINATED at Pictionary. :) We watched football and some movies and ate lots of yummy food.

One afternoon we hit the bowling ally in Idaho Falls. I thought it was lots of fun. Jamison really got into it. When his ball would roll, ever so slowly, into the gutter he would say.. "On NO NO NO NO"... or "UH OHHHH" What a crack up. I loved it when he would roll his ball and throw his arms up in the air shouting with total joy. I love this picture of Terry running after the ball. He was trying to keep it from going into the gutter. Yep they had one set of bumpers and they were being repaired so Terry tried his best to handle that.

Unfortunately we didn't get to see the rest of the family like we wanted to because they had all been sick with a bug, and with Terry leaving next week to see Zach in Kentucky and us not wanting to go through another bug episode like we had in November, we decided to steer clear. So that was disappointing, but we had a really fun time just hanging out. We did however get to meet Wayne's new girlfriend, Paula. She was really nice and I hope we will be spending a lot more time with her :)