Friday, February 26, 2010

Oh the rambling of a 2 and a half year old

These are some of the funny things we've been getting from Jamison this week.

Saying his prayers.

This is how Jamison begins his prayers these days: "Dear Heavenly Father, Jesus, Santa....." It's a work in progress.

While eating vanilla ice cream with baked sliced apples.

Jamison: "Mommy look, mommy look, mommy look..."
Me: "Yes Jamison what"
Jamison:"I'm eating snakes"
A little later while trying to change him into PJ's as he looks to be kind of choking and chewing on something and drooling all over,
Me: "Jamison!! What's in your mouth?'
Jamison slowly answers "Snakes"
Sadly we made him spit out the leftover "snake" tidbits.

While eating chicken and rice soup for dinner.

As Jamison holds his spoon in his soup broth and lets a slice of carrot float on it we hear him saying.."Oh a bath, a bath"
Then he lifts it into his mouth and while chomping it to death he says.."No, No, No"
Poor carrot, he never had a chance.

While talking to Jamison about the Easter Bunny and Easter Baskets.

Me: "So what do you think the Easter bunny will bring you in your basket?'
Jamison: "6,7,8 candies!!!"

While Terry is playing Black Magic Woman on Guitar Hero.

As Terry is playing, Jamison is sitting in the background "playing" his guitar while kinda grooving to the music when he states " I love this song."
Right on little buddy. Right on.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Train Day

So due to all the illness that we have had at our house for the last 3 weeks Jamison has become a cartoon junkie. There are 2 new ones out right now that he is in love with. Dinosaur Train and Chuggington. Obviously mainly about trains. As a result he is very much into the whole train thing. All of his cars are now used to play trains with. So with us all feeling better and with a fairly nice Saturday on our hands we thought Jamison would enjoy a trip out to Ogden to Union Station to see the train museum and to climb all over the trains. Then Terry thought we'd really bump it up a notch and ride Front runner out there.
Needless to say Jamison was very excited. When we got on the train to head up to Ogden he was talking so fast and so loud we had to get him to calm down a little so the others passengers wouldn't throw us off at the next stop. It was so cute so see him excited. He was quite upset at one of the stops as he noticed a bird on the train track. He was yelling at it to move! We again had to calm him down and assure him he would fly away before a train came. He just thought for sure that bird was a goner. :)

We were also able to check out some antique cars at the museum.

Then outside to check out some old trains. I think the only requirement for climbing on these is an updated tetnus shot. :)
They were really fun to check out. Totaly reminded me of Travel Town back in LA at Griffith Park where my brothers and sisters and I used to go as kids.

Valentines Day Shirt

This is the Valentines day shirt Jamison made at preschool. The heart is made with his two hands. He was very proud of himself. I think they came out really cute

Valentines Day

Another Valentines Day has come and gone. I don't know why but this year I was more excited for Valentines Day to come than I was for Christmas. That is until we caught the cold/flu of the century!!, then everything went down the tubes. But we pulled ourselves together and had a fun day.
In the morning before Jamison woke up we had put out some decorations and had a few little treats for him. We decided to hold out on giving him his treats until after church because we have to be there at 9:00 am and didn't want to get us off schedule for the morning. But when Jamison woke up and came out living room he was just sort of sitting looking around with a little smile then eventually looked at us and said"presents?"
OK so I don't want him to think that he gets a present for every holiday but he was so sweet when he shyly asked we went ahead and gave in.
It was a fun day. Jamison got some little treats and he and Terry went off to church. I stayed home due to extreme illness. After church we opened cards, made mini heart pizzas for lunch, and took a nice long nap. By dinner I was wore out and we ended up having KFC. I know, I know but sometimes you just gotta do what ya gotta do. Anyhow we had fun and enjoyed having a day together. As always our thoughts were with Zach and wished he was with us.

This is what you get when you let a 2 year old take your picture :)

More Christmas

Oh boy was Jamison excited to get a special surprise in the mail a while back. Auntie Meghan, Uncle Jake, and cousin Sierra had sent a Christmas present.

A dinosaur!! Perfect, Jamison is so into dinosaurs right now. He loves this little guy.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Continents

So I thought this was funny and knew if I didn't record it I wouldn't remember it. I have a horrible memory.

Today Terry was working with Jamison on identifying the continents. While talking about Europe Jamison stopped, pointed to Terry and said"Europe" then pointed to himself and said"Mine up".

Too funny, I love new budding minds.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Andy

This past weekend was my nephews 17th birthday. So to celebrate we went over to have some yummy enchiladas and cake. I made some sweet pork enchiladas and Rhonda made some chicken enchiladas to pull out before she left for Cancun. I also made him and off roading cake in honor off this love of the great outdoor activity.
Happy Birthday Andy!!